Albano Laziale (Rome) – It’s called “One hundred and ten is inspiration”, the new tour organized by the territory Medionalum Corporate University with the collaboration of the famous Patch Adams, the father of smile therapy known as ClownTerapia.

The event was present for Editions Today Antonella Ferrari, world ambassador and peacemaking, as well as spokesperson in Daily Online.

A very special trip that starts from “a place of darkness and arrive at a place of light”, discussing topics such as trust, the power of love The positive about the future.

Following the success of the previous edition, was held Saturday, October 31 at the Teatro Alba Radians the event that is part of the program of meetings that Banca Mediolanum dedication to the community, with the aim of boosting direct contact with personalities who symbolize excellence in various professional fields, according to the motto “Ideas live in witnesses, in those who develop with passion and that are identified in them.” Therefore, if the models are essential to human progress, the third millennium has within himself the ability to weave a direct connection with figures of such excellence. And for this purpose it is the decisive contribution of figures like the famous Patch Adams, who introduced issues of fundamental importance in a detailed intervention.

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